What We Provide

Our World Class Post Stroke Massage

Massage has many benefits for stroke patients. The long gliding strokes used by our post stroke therapists help relax the entire body, decreasing stress levels while prompting the production of anti-depression chemicals.

Genuine Emotional Support

Emotional support is very important for stroke patients. Studies have found that more proper emotional support helps with the recovery process and mental wellbeing of a post stroke patient.

Traditional Tui Na with Modern Sports Rehabilitation

We had perfectly combine traditional massage with modern sports rehabilitation.

We have 3 criteria when it comes to hiring therapists

These requirements are so strict we only hire 5% of all applications.

Compassionate and Empathetic Women

At Least 10 Years of Therapeutic Massage Experience

Posesses High EQ Based on Our Personality Test

Our Therapists Screening Process

We understand that the skill of therapists are very important to the level of treatment. To maintain the highest standards, we take our hiring and screening process very seriously.

Step 1

Professional Background Check

Step 2

Therapeutic Massage Skills Test

Step 3

Psychiatric Assessment

Step 4

Post Stroke Massage Training