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UGO Exoskeleton Robot

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UGO Exoskeleton Robot


Designed for patients with spinal cord injury, stroke, muscle, weakness and other neurological diseases caused by lower limb motor dysfunction. This product offer patients with high quality walking training during rehabilitation. The combination of the active and passive modes of the machine stimulates the patient’s motor potential and gradually improves the walking ability of the lower limbs and accelerates rehabilitation process.

Applicable User:

UGO Exoskeleton Robot Applicable User
  • Brain disease

    Hemiplegia, paralysis of one limb or multiple limbs caused by cerebral palsy, stroke, traumatic brain injury, etc.

  • Spinal cord injury

    Paraplegia caused by spinal cord injury, myelitis, or myelopathy.

  • Decreased function of lower limbs in other cases
  • Decreased motor function of lower limbs caused by muscle weakness and muscular dystrophy.

Core Technology:


Bionics Design

Ergonomics, following the law of body movement.

Intent Detection

Movement intention perception, free manipulation and active rehabilitation.

Interactive Force Control

Making robots feel.

Smart Adjustment

Adjustable gait and stride, standard natural gait.

Machine learning

Personalised learning to adapt to the user's training habits.

Cloud Data

Training data and online evaluation records.

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