UGO Exoskeleton Device (Adults)

Product Introduction

The rehabilitation utility of UGO Exoskeleton Robot is based on the theory of neuroplasticity. It designed for patients with spinal cord injury, stroke, muscle weakness or other neurological diseases caused by lower limb motor dysfunction, offering rehabilitation training and evaluation. The product provides users with standard gait input and high-quality walking training. The combination of active and passive modes stimulates the patient’s motor potential, enhances proprioception, gradually improves the autonomous walking ability of the lower limbs and accelerates the rehabilitation process. UGO Exoskeleton Robot also provide motion compensa­tion for the disabled and handicapped.

Applicable User

Brain Disease

Hemiplegia, paralysis of one limb or multiple limbs caused by cerebral palsy, stroke, traumatic brain injury, etc.

Spinal cord injury

Paraplegia caused by spinal cord injury, spinal cord injury, mye litis, or myelopathy. 

Decreased Function of lower limbs in other cases

Decreased motor function of lower limbs caused by muscle weakness and muscular dystrophy 

Core Technology

Bionics Design

Ergonomics, following the law of body movement

Intent Detection

Movement intention perception, free manipulation and active rehabilitation

Machine Learning

personalized learning to adapt to the user's training habits.

Smart Adjustment

adjustable gait and stride, standard natural gait

Interactive force control

Makings Robots Feel


Training data and online evaluation records

Humanized Design

Top knee quick opening and closing

Safe and Comfortable

Hanger matching combination

multiple methods, suitable for different needs

Battery module disassembly

18650 lithium batteries, reliable, efficient and convenient.

Electric adjustment of leg length

electric adjustment to adapt to the user's body

Large-size capacitive screen

Oblique visual design, user-friendly interface

ID information recognition

exclusive intelligent service to protect user privacy