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Post Stroke Therapy Preparation, What To Expect

Post Stroke Therapy Preparation

Post stroke therapy is where the rehabilitation process takes place. It is an important part of recovery and it should begin right away. Rehabilitation involves occupational treatment to help a patient regain simple motor skills such as walking, writing, talking and standing. 

The type of therapy varies as stroke affects everyone differently. Stroke rehabilitation is one of the best ways to get yourself on track and improve your quality of life. It also helps you regain independence so you can engage in activities without the help of others. 

Stroke rehabilitation is recommended for all stroke victims and the sooner you start, the better you’ll progress! Here’s what you should expect prior to your post stroke rehabilitation program. 


Different Stroke Victims Require Different Treatments

There are different rehabilitation programs for different stroke victims. Your program will be centered on repetitive actions in relation to the affected part of your body. For example, hand impairments require exercises that’ll rewire your hand functions to healthy areas of the brain. 

This is called neuroplasticity – strengthening the connection between the brain and muscles, and it’s the fundamental goal of all rehabilitation activities. It involves repetitive movements or exercises to stimulate the brain which takes us to the next point. 


A Whole Bunch Of Repetitive Rehabilitation Movements

Repetitive Rehabilitation Movement
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The brain has the capability to rewire body functions to areas of the brain that are not damaged. This can be done through repetitive exercises which are implemented in most rehabilitation programs. These exercises usually involve cardiovascular or resistance training. 

They include exercises such as wrist curls, knee rotations, hip thrusts and many more. The level and intensity of exercises will vary depending on the severity of your condition. You can expect a whole bunch of these during your rehabilitation program so prepare yourself! 


Traveling To And From The Rehabilitation Centre 

Traveling to and From the Rehabilitation Centre
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The main setting for a rehabilitation session is usually an inpatient center. You can expect a lot of traveling between your home and the center during your recovery process. You should also make sure that you have a family member or guardian to help you travel to and from the center. 

It is likely that you will also begin your recovery while you’re still in the hospital. This is where your doctors will determine the best rehabilitation setting for you. As stated, it’ll usually be in a center or in some cases your home. 


Home Therapy Options

Home Therapy Option
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Home therapy can be just as viable as going to an inpatient center. Furthermore, you’ll be in the comfort of your own home! Take the opportunity to invest in equipment and devices that’ll compliment your rehabilitation exercises. 

Chances are that you might also need to modify certain areas of your home. This is to prevent unnecessary accidents which takes us to the next point. 


Anticipate The Need To Modify Your Home

Anticipate the Need to Modify Your Home
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This depends on the severity of your stroke and your physical condition. Nevertheless, home modifications are completely normal when it comes to the post-stroke recovery process. It minimizes the possibility of you falling down and injuring yourself. 

They also make daily activities like going to the toilet or getting out of bed much simpler. Common home modifications are usually handrails, rug grippers and grab bars to name a few. Be sure to consult your therapist regarding what to install and whether it is necessary to do so. 


Prepare for a Long Recovery Process

“Stroke affects everyone differently” is a recurring theme in this article and rightfully so. Each stroke is different and victims will experience different residual effects. Other factors also include age, support from others, overall health and self belief. 

Be that as it may, you should always prepare for the long haul as recovery can be a grueling process. Determination and sheer will can be deciding factors in your recovery so keep that in mind. 



Stroke is one of the leading causes of death in Singapore and numbers are rising as shown by statistics. Those who survive are fortunate enough to have lived through the ordeal but there are residual effects nonetheless. 

That’s where post stroke rehabilitation comes into play. Post stroke rehabilitation is a great way to get yourself on track and start improving your quality of life. With that, this article has talked about the circumstances you should expect in preparation for post stroke recovery. 

Last but not least, always take action from the very start and if you need professional help, don’t hesitate to contact us here