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Kid’s exoskeleton robot is an intelligent rehabilitation training device for improving abnormal motor function of lower limbs. The product utilizes the principle of neuroplasticity to enhance proprioceptive input, correct abnormal gait, and promote re-learning of the brain through standard and repeated walking training, thereby improving children’s walking ability.

Applicable User:

KidsGO Exoskeleton Robot

Height Range: 100 – 160cm Maximum load: 80kg

  • Spinal Cord Injury

    Lower limb dysfunction caused by spinal cord injury, myelitis, etc.

  • Brain Disorder

    Lower limb dysfunction caused by cerebral palsy, stroke, traumatic brain injury, etc.

  • Neuromuscular Disease

    Lower limb dysfunction caused by spinal muscular atrophy, muscle weakness, etc..

Core Technology:

Physiological Gait Guidance

Complete compound movement, walking cycle, brain relearning, and reshape walking ability.

Flexible Trarining Scenarios

Compact structure, outpatients, inpatients centers and rehabilitation institutions applicable.

Interactive Game

Virtual and gamified training to promote active participation.

Abnormal Gait Correction

Anti-gravity muscle contraction and early intervention.

Feedback Mechanism

Real time gait parameters and facilitate rehabilitation adjustments.

Humanity Design

Equipped absorption module, comfort and safety, ergonomic design.

Full-cycle rehabilitation

Adjustable to children’s body shape with multi-training modes.

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