KidGo Exoskeleton Device (kids)

Product Introduction

Children’s exoskeleton robot is an intelligent rehabilitation training device for improving abnormal motor function of lower limbs. The product utilizes the principle of neuroplasticity to enhance proprioceptive input, correct abnormal gait, and promote re-learning of the brain through standard and repeated walking training, thereby improving children’s walking ability.


Applicable User

Spinal Cord injury

People with limb dysfunction caused by spinal cord injury, myelitis, etc.

Brain Lesions

People with limb dysfunction caused by cerebral palsy, stroke, traumatic brain injury, etc.

Neuromuscular Disease

People with limb dysfunction caused by spinal muscular atrophy, muscle weakness, etc.

Core Technology

Bionics Design

Ergonomics, following the law of body movement

Intent Detection

Movement intention perception, free manipulation and active rehabilitation

Machine Learning

Personalized learning to adapt to the user's training habits.

Smart Adjustment

Adjustable gait and stride, standard natural gait

Interactive force control

Makings Robots Feel


Training data and online evaluation records

Training Modes

Staying In place training

It can be used concurrently with a treadmill for staying in place walking training, and can be used within a minimum space of 0.64m².

Warm up training

You can choose between stretching relaxation and muscle strength training warm-up modes, the parameters are flexible and adjustable to promote the effect of subsequent walking rehabilitation

Passive Mode

The mode supplies absolute assistance, complete walking movements, correctly inputting movements and sensations, assisting in promoting brain motor relearning.

Assist Mode

The mode gives multiple levels of assistance, being suitable for different scenarios, increasing the ability for self initiated active recovery.

Initiated mode

The device follows the human body to achieve 100% protection, fully assist initiated active rehabilitation, and record training data all at the same time.

Training Advantages

Physiological Gait Guidance

Lead children to repeat the complete compound movements of the walking cycle, promote re-learning of the brain, and reshape the walking ability.

Flexible Training Scenarios

The equipment has a compact structure and is also suitable for small spaces. It is an ideal choice for outpatient clinics, inpatient centres and rehabilitation institutions.

Correct Abnormal Gait

Lead children to repeat the complete compound movements of the walking cycle, promote re-learning of the brain, and reshape the walking ability.

Full Cycle Rehabilitation

It can be adjusted for different body types, and can be matched with a variety of gait training modes to meet the training needs of different rehabilitation cycles.

Rehabilitation Feedback Mechanism

It can observe and collect training parameters in real time, providing a basis for doctors to accurately formulate and adjust rehabilitation programs.

Humanized Design

The equipped shock-absorbing module can improve the comfort and safety during training, and the cute shape eliminates the tension of training.

Game Interactive Experience

A gamified form of training guides children through the completion of training and increases engagement.