Have your post-stroke therapy with us! Experience our world-class Post Stroke Massage, Traditional Tui Na
with Modern Sports Rehabilitation and Genuine Emotional Support.

Post Stroke Therapy is an important process that aims to help
relearn the motor skills they have lost due to brain damage caused by stroke. Performing Post Stroke Therapy will help with regaining
their ability to do daily tasks on their own. That way, stroke survivors can regain their independence.

One of the post-stroke therapy techniques would be to do massage therapy. Massage therapy is the process of kneading, tapping, stroking, and
rubbing the patient’s soft tissue on their body.

Massage Therapy can be beneficial for post-stroke patients because it can help with increasing blood circulation toward affected parts of the body.
Increased blood circulation will help with supplying fresh oxygen and blood, improve mobility, and clean toxins from your body.
It is also believed that massage therapy helps with post-stroke patients’ relaxation, which will help patients with having a more restful sleep.

If you or your loved ones are suffering from stroke and needed post-care treatment, please contact us here.