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What Kind of Strokes is This Therapy Suitable for?

All kinds of stroke. The main benefits of our therapy is to encourage blood circulation to the affected area, drain lymph nodes and improve mobility. Our therapy will be tailored to each individual patient to produce the best care.

What is included in our services?

World Class Post Stroke Massage

Our skilled Therapist utilises a specialised technique that is specifically designed to assist in the recuperation of stroke patients.

Genuine Emotional Support

Our Therapist provides emotional support to help with the recovery process and mental wellbeing of a post stroke patient.

Traditional Tui Na with Modern Sports Rehabilitation

A combination of traditional massage techniques with modern sports rehabilitation. Mixing the popular Tui Na Massage techniques with modern sport rehab techniques.

How Often Will The Therapy Sessions Be?

We recommend sessions of at least once a week for optimal recovery. Therapy durations are 90 mins per session.

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