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Being a victim of stroke can have devastating effects on a person’s physical. Many Singaporeans know someone who has been affected by stroke. Despite this, The Straits Times reported that public awareness of stroke is low in Singapore. Studies have shown that all round holistic care helps post stroke patients obtain the highest levels of recovery. Holistic care help post stroke patients regain their independence, motor function, and most importantly, their sense of wellbeing. There are 3 aspects of holistic care.

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Emotional Support
Muscle Rehabilitation

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Holistic Post Stroke Therapy Designed To Soothe and Enhance Muscle Recovery For Your Loved One

Advanced Affordable Robotic Therapy

It’s easier and more convenient than ever to receive a massage and relax.

Therapists with at Least 10 Years Experience

Experienced therapist capable of effectively analyzing and evaluating your condition

More than 3000 Happy Customers

We made a commitment to offering the best possible customer service in the industry.

Ms Charis, a 46-year-old with a fractured spine, shares her thoughts after using our Robotic Therapy Rehabilitation Exoskeleton Machine.

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Post Stroke Therapy

We understand how important the therapists are to our patients so we take our hiring and screening process very seriously.

T h e r a p y

Our Processes

Consultation To Determine Affected Area

Phone consultation with family member or loved one to determine the affected area and therapy strategies options and strategies.

1 to 1 Consultation

Our therapist meet with the patient or family member for a 1 to 1 consultation to understand what the affected area is and the goals for the therapy.

Analysis and Planning of Therapy

Using our framework and goals, we create an in depth treatment plan for the patient’s specific case with weekly performance indicators.

Post Stroke Therapy

Execution of stroke therapy, emotional support and muscle rehabilitation Holistic Therapy with our Robotic Rehabilitation Machine.

There will be weekly updates on the patient’s progress.

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